Guest Experience Ministry

NLC Volunteers

Our Mission

We Exist to empower people to build God's kingdom through fulfilling, voluntary service.


Pillars of Our Volunteer Values:

We Value People:

  • We treat people in a way that reflects their God given value.   

People Before Tasks:

  • We value the healthly development of individuals above the completion of a task.

Grace Culture:

  • We work in a grace culture that makes the most of mistakes - always believing the best and taking every opportunity to capitalize on teachable moments.


  • We desire to connect people to the right opportunity. Right-fitting is the intersection of a ministry need, the volunteer's gift, and health, both team health and volunteer health.

Balanced Pace of Life:

  • We help volunteers understand that time commitment hinges on seasons of life and encourage them to serve at a sustainable, healthy pace.

Hands-In Delegation:

  • We embrace the risk and accept the responsibility of delegation - not hands-on, not hands-off, but HANDS-IN.

Long Term Health:

  • We base decisions on creating long-term health, not just fixing short-term problems.

Proactive Pulse-Taking:

  • We take a proactive approach to care for volunteers by assessing their fitness, fulfillment, and fruitfulness.

Expansive Leadership:

  • We promote a culture of expansive leadership where leaders are trained, empowered, and released to lead at every volunteer level.