New Life Church Borger's Deacon Ministry

New Life Church Borger's Deacon Ministry

Foundation of the Deacon Ministry:

The word "Deacon" means servant or minister and came to be used by the early church to designate a special position in the body of Christ.  Deaconship, therefore, signifies a position of special Christian service.  Both the Scriptures and the dignity of the office demand a person of the highest spiritual, moral and practical qualifications (Acts 6; 1 Timothy 3)

Deacon Qualifications:

Spiritual Qualifications (Acts 6:1-6)

Full of the Holy Spirit

Full of Wisdom

Full of Faith

Moral Qualitfications (1 Timothy 3:8-10, 12-13)

Worthy of respect


Not indulging in much wine

Not pursuing dishonest gain

The husband of one spouse

Manages their home well


Role of the Deacon Ministry:

Provide leadership for the Guest Experience Volunteers

Facilitate healthy relational connections with their team

Create an atmosphere of excellence

Encourage team members of the value of their significant contribution

Ensure proper New Life Church DNA is lived out  in the team

Model ownership of the guest's experience during services

Model leadership development of volunteer teams

Create an active atmosphere of team recruiting

Ensure quality training of new Guest Experience Volunteers


The Job Description of the Deacon Ministry:Lead Guest Experience Ministry

Lead the Guest Experience volunteer teams for weekend service and special events

Lead pre-service huddle

Ensure each area is ready for service

Recruit and Train

Recruit, train and manage Team Captains

Encourage Captains to recruit volunteers

Ensure the Captains are properly training their teams

Participate in Special Ministries and/or Tasks

Administer attendance counts for weekend services

Lead communion preparation and distribution teams at weekend services and special events

Active participation in Water Baptism

On occasion, Deacons may be called upon to assist with duties such as Altar Ministry and Baby Dedication


 Deacon Responsibilities

 Mark Gregg

  December 2020  
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